Worx WG743 vs WG779: What are the Differences?

We can say that the WG743 and the WG779 from Worx are two of the most handsome lawn mowers on the market today. Worx’s signature orange color perfectly accentuates the mostly-black exterior of these garden tools. In this Worx WG743 vs WG779 comparison report, we list down the differences between the two.

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Comparison Chart: Worx WG743 vs WG779

Let’s start with this chart.

Lawn Mower
Model Check Price » Worx WG743 Check Price » Worx WG779
Type of Machine Battery-Operated Battery-Operated
20V Power Share
Drive Type Push Push
Speed Control 2-Speed – Intelllicut 2-Speed – Intelllicut
Deck Type Plastic Plastic
Deck Width (in.) 17″ 14”
Cutting Width (in.) 16″ 13”
Discharge Location(s) Mulch / Bag Mulch / Bag
Height Adjustment Single-lever – 7 positions Single-lever – 6 positions
Cutting Height Range (in.) 1-1/2″ – 4.0″ 1-1/2″ – 3-1/2″
Runtime Up to 1/8 acre / 5500 sq ft Up to 1/8 acre / 5000 sq ft
No Load speed 2800 / 3000 spm 3300 / 3700/min
Front wheel Diameter 7.5″ 6.3”
Rear wheel Diameter 8″ 7”
Weight 35.3 lbs 29.1lbs
Grass Collection Capacity 1.2 bushels (45L) 0.85 bushels (30L)
Collapsible Handle

Key Differences: Worx WG743 vs WG779

Here’s a list of the major differences between the WG743 and the WG779.

Deck and Cutting Width

The first major difference is the deck and cutting width of these lawn mowers. As presented in the chart above, the Worx WG743 has the advantage of having a better deck and cutting width rating. Theoretically, that means that the WG743 can cut grass faster than the WG779 because it can cover a wider area.

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Height Adjustment and Cutting Height Range

With the WG743, you’ll have 7 height positions to choose from. With the WG779, you get 6.

This difference may be a dealbreaker. Because of the WG743’s added height adjustment, its cutting height range is also better than the WG779’s.

Grass Collection Capacity

The Worx WG743 wins again in this aspect. Its bag can collect 45 liters of grass. In comparison, the WG779 can collect 30 liters.

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The Worx WG779 is lighter than the WG743. It weighs 29.1 lbs., which is 6 lbs. less than the WG743. This is an added bonus with the Intellicut feature that’s already doing the heavy lifting for you.

No-Load Speed

The Worx WG779’s advantage is that it has a better no-load speed rating.


As specified in their manuals, the WG743 has a larger set of wheels, both front and rear.

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Our Final Word: Worx WG743 vs WG779

Which one should you get between these two battery-operated Worx lawn mowers? Based on the data presented above, the Worx WG743 has better features overall.


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