Triton MOF001 vs JOF001 Plunge Router Comparison Report

In case you’re not familiar, Triton is an Australian brand established in 1976. Although the company isn’t as popular as, say, Makita, its products are slowly creeping into workshops because of their quality.

Triton MOF001 vs JOF001… which of these plunge routers should you get? To help you answer this question, we give you this comparison report.


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Comparison Chart: Triton MOF001 vs JOF001

Now, let’s start with a comparison chart.

Plunge Router
Model Check Price » Triton MOF001 Check Price » Triton JOF001
Power 1400W / 2-1/4hp 1010W / 1-1/2hp
Depth Adjustment Free Plunge, Rack-and-Pinion, and Micro Winder Free Plunge and Micro Winder
Automatic spindle lock
Soft start
Variable Speed
No Load Speed 8000 – 21000rpm 21,000rpm
Plunge Range 0 – 59mm 0 – 59mm
Electronic Speed Maintenance
Power On Indicator
Height 290 mm 270 mm
Width 285mm 280mm
Weight 4.78kg 5.0kg
Safety Power Switch
Sound Power LW 95.1dB 100.8dB
Sound Pressure LP 84.1dB 89.8dB
Accessories Included 1/4″ collet, 8mm collet, Table height winder, Multi-function fence 1/2″ collet, 12mm collet, 6mm collet, Table height winder, Multi-function fence, Collet wrench

Key Differences

Based on the chart presented above, there are a number of differences between these two Triton plunge routers. We list them down below.


The Triton MOF001 has a more powerful motor. According to collected data, this router has a 2.25-HP or 1400W motor. In comparison, the JOF001 has a 1.5-HP or 1010W motor.

Depth Adjustment

With the Triton JOF001, you can choose between two modes of depth adjustment – free plunge and micro winder for fine adjustment. But with the MOF001, you have 3 options, which include free plunge, micro winder, and rack-and-pinion options.

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Size and Weight

By a narrow margin, the Triton MOF001 is lighter at 4.78 kg. The JOF001 weighs 5.0 kg. As for size, the MOF001 is a bit taller.

Sound Power LW and Sound Pressure LP

The Triton MOF001 is less noisy compared with the JOF001.

Accessories Included

The Triton JOF001 wins in this area. It has more accessories to give you compared with the MOF001.

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Our Final Word: Triton MOF001 vs JOF001

Which of these routers should you get? Overall, the Triton MOF001 has more to offer than the JOF001. It has a more powerful motor, has 3 options for depth adjustment, is a bit lighter, and is less noisy.