DEWALT DCL043 vs DCL050 Full Comparison

DEWALT has established itself as one reliable tool company. If you’re a fan of this brand, we wouldn’t be surprised if your tool collection has only one color.

In this comparison report, we give you the differences between two DEWALT light providers – DEWALT DCL043 vs DCL050. Which of them is for you? Scroll down to make a quick comparison.

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Comparison Chart: DEWALT DCL043 vs DCL050

Let’s start with this chart.

DEWALT Light Source
Model Check Price » DEWALT DCL043 Check Price » DEWALT DCL050
Lighting Type Spotlight Area Light
LED Output 1000 and 90 lumens 500 and 250 lumens
Pivoting Head Angle 90 degrees 140 degrees
Weight 1.0 lb. 1.9 lb.
LEDs 3 3
Brightness Settings 2 2
Over-Molded Lens Cover
Rotating Hook

Key Differences

As you can see in the chart above, the differences are as follows.

Spotlight vs Area Light

As a spotlight, the DEWALT DCL043 can be seen up to 508 yards (1,525 feet), which makes it the ideal light source if you’re, say, in a search mission at night.

On the other hand, the DEWALT DCL050 is considered an area light, which is best to provide illumination within a specified spot.

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Light Output

Based on the data we’ve gathered, the DCL043 provides a much brighter light, thanks to its up-to-1000 lumens output. The DCL050, in comparison, provides a maximum light output that measures 500 lumens.

Pivoting Head Angle

The DEWALT DCL050’s head is much more flexible, thanks to its 140-degree pivoting head. The DEWALT DCL043’s head can only pivot up to 90 degrees.

Rotating Hook

The DEWALT DCL050 has a rotating hook. The DCL043 doesn’t.

Which One to Choose?

Your choice depends on your target use. As discussed above, the DCL043 is a spotlight, which makes a great light source during search missions. The DCL050, on the other hand, is a great area light that provides up to 500 lumens of light output.

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DEWALT DCL043 vs DCL040: Which One to Get?

DEWALT DCL043 vs DCL040… what’s the difference between these two products? Which one should you get? To help you find an answer, it pays to know what areas they differ in.

For starters, both of these are LED light sources that come with a pivoting head. But one is a spotlight, and the other is a flashlight. Read on to find out more of these devices’ differences.

Comparison Chart: DEWALT DCL043 vs DCL040

Use this chart as a quick reference to compare and contrast these DEWALT lighting sources.

DEWALT Light Source
Model Check Price » DEWALT DCL043 Check Price » DEWALT DCL040
Lighting Type Spotlight Flashlight
LED Output 1000 lumens 110 lumens
Pivoting Head Angle 90 degrees 120 degrees
Weight 1.0 lb. 0.63 lb.
Brightness Settings 2 1

Key Differences

There are 3 main differences between these two lighting tools by DEWALT. We list them down below.

Spotlight vs Flashlight

The first important difference is the lighting type these tools are classified as. The DEWALT DCL043 is a “spotlight” whereas the DEWALT DCL040 is a “flashlight.”

As a spotlight, the DCL043 has 3 LEDs to bring light to a jobsite. It therefore provides brighter light and a wider coverage area than the DEWALT DCL040.


Based on data provided, the DEWALT DCL043 produces a total of 1000 lumens. The DEWALT DCL040, on the other hand, produces only 110 lumens.

When it comes to setting brightness level, the DEWALT DCL043 comes with a switch that allows you to choose between 2 options. The DEWALT DCL040 doesn’t have this option.

Pivot Degree

Both these lighting sources come with a pivoting head. But the angle as to how wide they can pivot differs. The DEWALT DCL043 can pivot to up to 90 degrees while the DEWALT DCL040 has a 120-degree pivoting head.

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Our Final Word: DEWALT DCL043 vs DCL040

So… which one should you get?

If budget is not a concern, then definitely, you’d want a brighter light source especially in super dark jobsites (or places, in general). Get the DEWALT DCL043.