Sun Joe TJ604E vs Earthwise TC70016 Comparison Report

Sun Joe TJ604E vs Earthwise TC70016… Whether you’re working with a raised garden bed or a medium-sized garden, any of these electric cultivators will make your tilling tasks a lot faster and easier. Which one should you pick? Read this comparison report to help with your decision.

Comparison Chart: Sun Joe TJ604E vs Earthwise TC70016

Let’s start with this chart.

Garden Tiller
Model Check Price » Sun Joe TJ604E Check Price » Earthwise TC70016
Power 13.5 A 13.5 A
Cultivating Width Max 16 in. 16 in.
Cultivating Depth Max 8 in. 8 in.
Tines 6 6
No-Load Speed 370 ± 10% rpm. 360 rpm
Weight 27.1 lbs. 34.8 lbs
Rear Wheels
Wheel Adjustment 3 1
Adjustable Handle
Safety Lock Button
Securing Extension Cord Restraint Hook Cord Retainer

Key Differences: Sun Joe TJ604E vs Earthwise TC70016

Here, we list down the differences between these two tillers.


Based on available data, the Sun Joe TJ604E is lighter by 7 lbs. It weighs a bit more than 27 lbs. In comparison, the Earthwise weighs almost 34 lbs.

Wheel Adjustment

Both these tillers come with a mechanism that allows you to adjust the wheels to switch between “working” and “transport” mode. The difference is that the Sun Joe has 3 adjustments to choose from – transport, low position (working), and high position (working). With the Earthwise TC70016, you use a pin to adjust the wheels when working.

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Another advantage of the Sun Joe is that it comes with an adjustable handle for easy storage. The handle consists of 3 parts – lower, medium, and upper – which are secured in place with a set of knobs and bolts. Unfortunately, the Earthwise doesn’t come with this feature.

Securing Extension Cord

Both the manuals of the Sun Joe TJ604E and the Earthwise TC70016 teach users to secure and fasten the extension or appliance cord. Both manuals have clear instructions on what knot to make to make sure that the cord stays in place.

The difference is the mechanism as to which the knotted cord is attached to. With the Sun Joe, the cord is secured to a restraint hook. With the Earthwise, the cord is secured through a cord retainer.

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Our Final Word: Sun Joe TJ604E vs Earthwise TC70016

Which of these two garden tillers should you buy? Get the Sun Joe TJ604E. Not only is it lighter, but as you’ve seen above, it comes with better features.

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