Milwaukee 2801-20 vs 2701-20 Drill Driver Comparison Report

Milwaukee 2801-20 vs 2701-20… both of these handsome drill drivers comes with the brand’s M18 battery system. They’re cordless, and they come with a compact design.

What’s their difference? Let’s answer that in this report.

Comparison Chart: Milwaukee 2801-20 vs 2701-20

We’ve created this chart to easily highlight the differences and similarities between these two Milwaukee drill drivers.

Drill Driver
Model Check Price » Milwaukee 2801-20 Check Price » Milwaukee 2701-20
Redlink Intelligence
Redlithium Battery
Motor Brushless Brushless
Gear Case All-metal All-metal
Length 6.5″ 6-7/8″
Weight 2.5 lbs 2.8 lbs
Speed and RPM Low: 0-500 High: 0-1800 Low: 0-450 High: 0-1,800
Torque 500 in-lbs 500 in-lbs
Belt Clip
Clutch Settings 1- 18 1 – 16

Key Differences

Aside from the appearance, there are two distinct differences between these two Milwaukee drill drivers.

Belt Clip

The first one is the absence or presence of a belt clip or side handle. When you receive your package of the Milwaukee 2801-20, expect an included clip. The opposite can be said with the Milwaukee 2701-20.

Clutch Settings

Another difference is the clutch settings. While both tools delivers 500 in-lbs. of torque, the Milwaukee 2801-20 allows you to choose among 18 selections. The Milwaukee 2701-20, on the other hand, has up to 16 options.

Size and Weight

The Milwaukee 2801-20 drill driver is a bit smaller and lighter than the Milwaukee 2701-20.

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Our Final Word: Milwaukee 2801-20 vs 2701-20

Which of these drill drivers should you get? Get the Milwaukee 2801-20. It’s smaller, it’s lighter, and it has more features to help you get your tasks done.