Milwaukee 2731-20 vs 2631-20 Specs and Features Comparison Report

With the Milwaukee 2731-20 and the 2631-20 being battery-operated, you don’t need to worry about tripping on wires. All you need is a fully charged battery. What’s the difference between these two circular saw? Here’s a comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Milwaukee 2731-20 vs 2631-20

Let’s start with this chart.

Milwaukee Circular Saw
Model Check Price » Milwaukee 2731-20 Check Price » Milwaukee 2631-20
Voltage 18V 18V
Length 13″ 13″
Weight 7.5 lbs 7.5 lbs
No-Load Speed 5,000 RPM 5,000 RPM
Maximum Bevel Capacity 50 degrees 50 degrees
Blade Guard Magnesium Magnesium
Cut Depth 2-1/2″ 2-1/2″
LED Light
REDLINK™ Intelligence
REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 Battery Pack
Brushless Motor
Integrated Rafter Hook stainless steel black
Inclusions none blade, blade wrench
Bevel Scale Visible Not visible

Key Differences: Milwaukee 2731-20 vs 2631-20

These Milwaukee circular saws are almost the same in specs and features. Their main differences are the following.

Bevel Adjustment

The Milwaukee 2731-20 has a visible bevel scale. The scale of the 2631-20 appears only when the adjustment knob is used. The 2731-20 uses a moving pointer to help you indicate or locate the angle of your choice. With the 2631-20, there’s an “edge” that you can use for this purpose.

Color of Rafter Hook

Both circular saws have an integrated rafter hook for easy storage. The difference is their color. The 2731-20 has a stainless steel hook while the Milwaukee 2631-20 has a black hook.

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