Lotos CT520D vs Primeweld CT520D: What’s the Difference?

In one of our reports, we’ve compared a Lotos plasma cutter against another model from Primeweld. We’ll do just that here on this article, but this time, it’s between the Lotos CT520D and the Primeweld CT520D. Both models are multi-purpose machines, but what’s the difference? Read this Lotos CT520D vs Primeweld CT520D report to find out.

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Comparison Chart: Lotos CT520D vs Primeweld CT520D

Let’s start with this comparison chart.

Multipurpose Machine
Model Check Price » Lotos CT520D Check Price » Primeweld CT520D
Plasma Cutter
MMA/Stick Welder
TIG Welder
No-Touch Pilot Arc
Dual Voltage
Weight 32 lbs. 35.7 lbs.
Input Voltage 110-220V 110-220V
Digital Display
Function Switch Buttons Knob
Problem Indicators 2 1

Key Difference: Lotos CT520D vs Primeweld CT520D

As presented in the chart above, the Lotos CT520D and the Primeweld CT520D don’t have a lot of differences when it comes to features. For instance, they’re not a pilot arc plasma cutter. They’re also both capable of stick and TIG welding.

When it comes to specs, there’s a slight difference, which we list down here.

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The Primeweld CT520D is heavier by about 4 lbs. It weighs 35.7 lbs. In comparison, the Lotos CT520D weighs 32 lbs.

Buttons and Switches

When it comes to switching between functions, the Lotos CT520D uses push buttons. This is similar when choosing between the “machine” and “pedal” options.

In comparison, the Primeweld CT520D makes use of a knob.

When it comes to problem indicators, the Lotos is equipped with 2 separate lights, one for current and the other for temperature. There’s only one OC light for the Primeweld.

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