Evosaw380 vs S380CPS: What’s the Difference?

Both come with a heavy duty base, a 15-amp motor, and a 15-inch blade capability. But which of these Evolution chop saws is for you? Use this Evosaw380 vs S380CPS to help give you an answer.

Comparison Chart: Evosaw380 vs S380CPS

Let’s start with this comparison chart.

Chop Saw
Model Check Price » Evosaw380 Check Price » S380CPS
Motor 15A 15A
No-Load Speed 1450 rpm 1450 rpm
Max. Bevel (Left) 45° 45°
Blade Diameter 14 in. 14 in.
# of Teeth 66 66
Bore 1 in. 1 in.
Cutting Capacity Square Tube at 90° (Mild Steel) 5 x 5 In. 5 x 5 In.
Cutting Capacity Rectangle Tube at 90° (Mild Steel) 3-3/4 In. x 7-7/8 In. 3-3/4 x 7-1/8 In.
Cutting Capacity Round Tube at 90° (Mild Steel) 5-7/8 In. 5-1/8 In.
Items Included 66T Steel TCT Blade, Hex Key (Blade Change), V Clamp Jaw 66 Tooth Mild Steel TCT Blade, Hex Key 5/16″ (8mm) (Blade Change), V-Block
Cast Aluminum Base
Chip Collection Tray
Quick Release Vise
Chip Defletion Shield
Product Dimensions 21 In. x 13.5 In. x 26 In. 20.8 In. x 12.2 In. x 16.2 In.
Weight 55 pounds 52.5 pounds

Key Differences

Based on the chart above, the Evosaw380 and the S380CPS share a lot of features and specs in common. There are only a few differences, which we list down below.

Weight and Dimensions

The S380CPS has a smaller frame, and at 52.5 pounds, it is lighter than the Evosaw380 by about 3 lbs.

Cutting Capacity

Based on the data gathered, the Evosaw380 has a slightly better cutting capacity at 90 degrees for rectangular and round metal pieces.

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