Evolution R255SMS vs R255SMS+: Which Miter Saw to Buy?

The “+” makes a huge difference. Usually, when a brand attaches the plus sign to a model, this means added features. In this Evolution R255SMS vs R255SMS+ comparison report, you’ll see which features or specs have been added to the older model.

Comparison Chart: Evolution R255SMS vs R255SMS+

Use this chart as a quick guide and reference to see these miter saws’ differences.

Miter Saw
Model Check Price » R255SMS Check Price » R255SMS+
Blade Size 255mm (10″) 255mm (10″)
Multi-Material Cutting
Max. Cross Cut (0° x 0°) 300mm x 80mm 300mm x 80mm
Max. Bevel Cut (0° x 45°) 300mm x 45mm 300mm x 45mm
Max. Miter Cut (45° x 0°) 210mm x 80mm 210mm x 80mm
Max. Compound Cut (45° x 45°) 210mm x 45mm 210mm x 45mm
Max. Miter (Left & Right) 50° – 50° 50° – 50°
No. Of Positive Miter Stops 9 9
Max. Bevel (Left) 45° 45°
Sliding Miter Saw
Laser Guide
Miter Saw Stand Compatible
Diamond Blade Compatible
Multi-Material Cutting Blade Included?
Premium Multi-Material
Cutting Blade Included?
Dust Port Adaptor Included?
Dust Collection Bag Included?
Slide Rail Protector Included?
Front Clamp Included?
Included Hold Down Clamp 2 pc 3 pc
Hex Key (Blade Change) Included?
Weight 15.3 kg 15.3 kg
Blade Guard Cast Aluminium Cast Aluminium
Cable Length 2m 3m
Blade No. Teeth: 24 28

Key Differences: Evolution R255SMS vs R255SMS+

Here’s a list of the major differences between these two sliding compound miter saws.

Included Items

The most obvious difference is their inclusions. In general, the R255SMS+ has more freebies to give, which include a dust collection bag and a slide rail protector. But there are also a few items that the R255SMS has that you can’t find when you purchase a R255SMS+ such as a hex key. Also, the included cutting blade for each saw is different. With the R255SMS+, you’ll get the premium one.

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Cable Length

Between these two miter saws, the Evolution R255SMS+ has a longer cable, which has a length of 3 meters. In comparison, the R255SMS has a cable length of 2m.

Blade, No. of Teeth

The blade for the Evolution R255SMS+ has more teeth than that of the R255SMS’s.

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