EGO Power+ LB5800 vs LB6500: What’s the Difference?

On this site, we’ve done a number of EGO Power+ blower comparison reports. Here, we’ll do another one. This time, it’s between the LB5800 and the LB6500. Both are sold as a tool-only product, which makes them perfect for homeowners who already own EGO lithium batteries. They’re also battery-operated blowers, making them much quieter than the gas-powered models.

Question is, which of these blowers has better specs and features? Quickly find out in this EGO Power+ LB5800 vs LB6500 report.

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Comparison Chart: EGO Power+ LB5800 vs LB6500

Let’s start with this chart.

Model Check Price » EGO Power+ LB5800 Check Price » EGO Power+ LB6500
Voltage 56 V 56 V
Maximum air volume 580 CFM 650 CFM
Maximum air velocity 168 MPH 180 MPH
Maximum blowing force 18.0 Newtons 21 Newtons
Approximate run time 18 min (Boost mode) (With EGO BA2800 56V Battery 5.0 Ah) 15 min (Boost mode) (With EGO BA2800T/BA2800T-FC 56V Battery 5.0 Ah)
Weight 4.77 lb. 4.77 lb.
Tapered nozzle
Flat nozzle

Key Differences

Before the differences, let’s point out the key similarities real quick. As mentioned in the beginning of this blower comparison report, both these models do not come with a battery and a charger.

However, they come with a flat nozzle and a tapered nozzle. These accessories are made to “further concentrate” and “further spread” the air flow and speed.

Now, let’s list down the major differences.

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Maximum Air Volume and Velocity

The EGO Power+ LB6500 has the advantage of a better air volume and air velocity rating. Because of this, overall, this blower can clean a larger area and can help you finish your tasks quicker.

Maximum Blowing Force

According to the manuals, the EGO Power+ LB6500 has a better maximum blowing force rating. That said, it is more powerful and more efficient in tackling a variety of cleaning jobs than the LB5800.

Battery Run Time

On Boost mode, the LB6500 consumes more battery charge than the LB5800.

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Our Final Word: EGO Power+ LB5800 vs LB6500

Which of these blowers should you get? Buy the EGO Power+ LB6500. Overall, it has better specs / features. It’s more powerful and has a better CFM rating than the LB5800.