EGO Power LB5300 vs LB5800 Key Specs and Features Comparison

It’s time for another blower comparison report… This time, it’s between two EGO Power+ models, the LB5300 and the LB5800. As what their names suggest, one major difference is their CFM rating. But aside from that, what else do they differ in? Which model has better specs and features overall? Read this whole EGO Power LB5300 vs LB5800 report to find out.

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Comparison Chart: EGO Power LB5300 vs LB5800

Let’s start with this chart.

Model Check Price » EGO Power LB5300 Check Price » EGO Power LB5800
Voltage 56V DC 56V DC
Maximum Air Volume 530 CFM 580 CFM
Maximum Air Velocity 110 MPH 168 MPH
Approx. Run Time 10 min.(Boost) (with EGO BA1400 56V Battery 2.5Ah) 18 min (Boost) (With EGO BA2800 56V Battery 5.0 Ah)
Weight 4.81 lb. 4.77 lb.
Tapered nozzle
Flat nozzle
Brushless Motor
Air Speed/Velocity Adjustment Front Side

Key Differences: EGO Power LB5300 vs LB5800

Here, we list down the main differences between these two EGO Power+ products.

Maximum Air Volume

First, as stated in the beginning, the LB5300 and the LB5800 differ in CFM rating, with the EGO Power LB5800 having better numbers.

Air Speed / Velocity

Both of these blowers come with variable speed settings. There’s an adjustment knob or dial that you can easily turn depending on the setting of your choice.

If you want to quickly amplify the air velocity of the blower, you can rely on the Boost button.

The difference? The EGO Power LB5800‘s maximum air velocity is better than the LB5300’s.

Air Speed / Velocity Knob Location

The adjustment knob of the LB5800 is located on the side of the blower while the LB5300’s is in front.

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By a very small margin, the LB5800 is lighter.


Both these blowers are compatible with nozzles that can help enhance performance. The difference is that with the LB5300, you’ll need to make separate purchases to get these parts/accessories. With the LB5800, expect a tapered nozzle and a flat nozzle to be included in your package.

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Our Final Word: EGO Power LB5300 vs LB5800

Which of these blowers should you get? Get the EGO Power LB5800. Overall, it has better features. It has a better CFM rating, has a better maximum air velocity rating, and it comes with two nozzles.