DEWALT DCS380 vs DCS388 Recip Saw Comparison

In one of our posts, we compared the DEWALT DCS367 against the DCS387. The verdict? The DEWALT DCS367 won because of its brushless motor.

Here, we’re going to compare two other DEWALT models, the DCS380 and the DCS388. For starters, the DCS380 came years before the DCS388. Both have received topnotch consumer feedback, but which one can address your needs? Let this comparison help you come up with an answer.

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Comparison Chart: DEWALT DCS380 vs DCS388

First, here’s a chart that you can use as an easy and quick reference.

Recip Saw
Model Check Price » DEWALT DCS380 Check Price » DEWALT DCS388
Brushless Motor
4-Position Blade Clamp
Keyless Blade Clamp
Anti-Slip Comfort Grip
Variable Speed Trigger
Power Tool Type Cordless Cordless
Strokes/Min 0-3,000 SPM 0-3,000 SPM
Tool Length 18 in. 17.725 in.
Adjustable Shoe
Stroke Length 1 1/8 inches 1 1/8 inches
Tool Weight 6.0 lbs. 7.8 lbs.

Key Differences

Now, here are the key differences.


What is a FLEXVOLT system?

Described as “revolutionary” by DEWALT, this technology is basically a battery innovation. If a tool is equipped with FLEXVOLT, it means it can automatically change between two voltages. For instance, it can switch between 20V and 60V.

Between the two recip saws presented on this post, the DCS388 is compatible with FLEXVOLT batteries. The DCS380 is not.

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Brushless Motor

The DEWALT DCS388 has a brushless motor; the DEWALT DCS380 has not. As a brushless tool, the DCS388 gives you the following benefits according to Popular Mechanics: more power, greater efficiency, and durability.


The DCS388 is heavier at 7.8 lbs. The DEWALT DCS380, on the other hand, weighs 6.0 lbs.

Blade Clamp

While both models have a keyless blade clamp, the DCS380 has the advantage of having a 4-position blade clamp. To some people, this feature is an important factor because with it, you can enjoy positional versatility, and thus tackle a wide variety of jobs.

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Our Final Word: DEWALT DCS380 vs DCS388

Which of these reciprocating saws is for you? In the end, it’s about the features that are most important to you. True, the DEWALT DCS38’s FLEXVOLT System is tempting, but to some people, a 4-Position Key Blade is more important.