DEWALT DCD771C2 vs DCD708C2 Drill Driver Kit Comparison Report

In this report, we’re going to compare two drill driver kits from one of the most established brands in the industry: DEWALT DCD771C2 vs DCD708C2. How do they differ from each other? How are they similar?

DEWALT DCD771C2 vs DCD708C2: Comparison Chart

To make comparing easy for you, here’s a chart that highlights these products’ similarities and differences.

Drill Driver Kit
Model Check Price » DEWALT DCD771C2 Check Price » DEWALT DCD708C2
Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Chuck Size 1/2″ 1/2″
Clutch Settings 16 15
Speed Settings 2 2
No-Load Speed 0-450 / 0-1,500 RPM 0-450 / 0-1,650 RPM
System 20V MAX 20V MAX
Batteries Included (2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Batteries (2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Batteries
Power 300 UWO 340 UWO
LED Light
Weight 3.6 lbs. 2.4 lbs.
Height 6.5 in. 6.3 in.
Motor Brushed Brushless
Belt Clip

Key Differences

As you can see in the chart above, the DEWALT DCD771C2 and DEWALT DCD708C2 kits differ in two main areas: the features and specs of the drill driver, and items that may or may not be included in the kit.

Brushless vs Brushed

Between the two, the DEWALT DCD708C2 comes with a brushless motor. It means that this tool provides more power and increased run time. The DEWALT DCD771C2, on the other hand, comes with a brushed motor.

Clutch Settings

The DEWALT DCD771C2 has 16 clutch settings. The DEWALT DCD708C2 has 15.


Both these products have 2 speed settings. But DEWALT DCD708C2 packs more RPM on the higher setting.

Belt Clip

The DEWALT DCD708C2 comes with a free belt clip. The DEWALT DCD771C2 doesn’t.

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Our Final Word: DEWALT DCD771C2 vs DCD708C2

Which of these two DeWALT kits should you get? We say get the DEWALT DCD708C2. It has more power, it comes with a belt clip, and it has a brushless motor.